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Understanding Your Monitoring System

After you sign into your web portal, you will be able to access details, location, and usage history of your tank.


On the details page, you will be able to see the status of your tank, green showing that the level is good. The color of the tank will change to red if it is in low level status. You will also be able to see the current water inventory volume in both inches and gallons along with the inventory time, battery level, and signal strength. On this page, you will also get an estimate of the number of days until the tank is at a critical level or empty. Here you can visually see the "heartbeat" of the tank as well, showing both steady decline in volume as well as tank fills. Your "rhythm" will be unique to your tank, but once you see it, you will instantly know if something has changed in your usage. 


On the history page, you can graphically see the "heartbeat" or "rhythm" of your tank over a period of time.  The time period if fully customizable to fit your desired time frame. Simply select the date range you wish to view and hit submit - the graph will be instantly displayed for you to review.  Here you will also see the "low level" and "critical low level" alarm settings, both of which are adjustable.


Also on the history page, you will be able to see a chart form of your tank inventory time, level in inches, volume in gallons and percentage. The cool thing about this information is that it can be exported to Microsoft Excel.  If you want to keep a record of your tank in spreadsheet form, here it is!


The tank usage page, is a very simple yet VERY powerful compilation of pertinent information about your water usage. On this page, you will have such information as the last fill date, amount of water delivered in gallons, the number of water deliveries made, the average time between deliveries in days, your current inventory in gallons, your average daily usage in gallons, your maximum daily usage in gallons, your tank capacity, the number of days until you are at a critical level and the number of days until you run out of water. The date range on this page is fully customizable allowing you to track your usage over whatever time frame you wish. By exploring this page, you will be amazed at the amount information you have at your fingertips!

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