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"Make it new every two"

Two years between sanitizations is the recommended practice

Do you know what's in your tank?

We'll take care of old and stagnant water, dirt, sediment, debris, contaminants, and animal carcasses.


Do not wait until it is too late to clean and inspect your storage tank. It is much easier to fix a small issue before it turns into something much larger. 

According to a recent University Of Arizona study, well water and potable water tanks NEED to be cleaned and sanitized regularly in order to:

“kill or prevent the survival of waterborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms) that can cause gastrointestinal and other diseases; to prevent the accumulation of scale and slime (biofilm), which can be sources of contaminants and can also harbor pathogens; and to control the accumulation of sediments and algal growth, which degrade the taste and odor of potable water.”


Our unique system uses only NSF approved sanitizers and equipment to clean your tank to exacting standards.


Rates start at $300.00 plus water for a standard cleaning and sanitization of your tank. (This rate does not include corrugated tanks or removal of animal carcasses.)


If you haven't had this done for a while, we HIGHLY recommend you call for a free inspection.

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